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The GWA is a cool way for us to recognize individuals in the underground music business who have made a positive contribution to the world through their efforts.  This Award could also be given for outstanding achievement, such as selling 25,000 CDs, or being named 'Best Of' in a contest. The GWA is also given to radio people, music industry specialists, and people who touch our lives without expecting any credit or kudos at all.  If you or someone you know deserves a spotlight, please tell us who they are and why you believe they should receive the Golden Wave Award.  Don't be shy!  If you've accomplished something and want us to share it with the world, nominate your own self.  We'd love to hear from you.  You can find out more about these winners by clicking on their photos!

RYAN MULLINS - Founder and Editor WakeUpWorld
Australian trailblazer, Ryan Mullins, launched one of the most cutting-edge news and information sites in the world. hit cyberspace in May 2011. Drawing on the talents of writers from around the globe, readers can expect to find answers to questions about health, politics, food sources, spirituality, and 'stuff' that matters to all of us collectively. Ryan's site is a labor of love. In his own words, he's "just as amazed as all of us at the vast amount of knowledge that can gather together under one umbrella, with hopes for a more peaceful, loving planet, that all can share as one."


Singer/songwriter, composer, teacher and now TV Morning Star! Ken's song WONDERFUL DAY was chosen over 140 other entries as the new theme show song for Denver Channel 2 morning news program, "Daybreak." The new theme song started airing July 27, 2011. Ken K is a performing songwriter who plays a blend of guitar-driven roots, rock and pop similar in style to Tom Petty, Neil Young and Ryan Adams. With impressive fretwork and a spirited voice, his songs are honest and perceptive. His latest body of work is the Feel Good Series CD, which is available for preview, purchase and download from his website.

ANDY RICE et al..
KPMX 105.7 FM Sterling, CO,  won Station of the Year 2009, as a repeat performance from the previous year, and brought home a bunch of lumber.  To accept their awards at the Colorado Broadcasters Association's yearly gala, station personnel worked off all the calories in the dinner just walking to the podium.  Additionally, the sports genius from sister stations KPRB & KSIR was honored for "Broadcast Citizen" for Medium Market and Andy Rice received the award for Small Market. Rice's 4-year-old daughter, Lauren, did the voice over for the station's  "Don't Drink & Drive" PSA's, and won in both Small and Medium Markets.  Live and local - as we like it.  As it should be. 

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A transplant from the Virgin Islands to Plant City, Florida, this young Alternative Hip-Hop/R&B artist portrays what it takes to stand out and be heard through his personal tenacity and universal message of Love and Hope.  On December 15, 2009 Universal Music Group/InGrooves officially released the digital distribution worldwide of Bishop's CD I'M JUST ME. Bishop's mission through his music is to inspire and reawaken a vision of healing for the world.  

This dynamic duo features Wes as a multi-instrumentalist, lead vox, and songwriter, with Victoria Beauford Hamil slapping the most amazing harmonica delivery on either side of the Continental Divide.  With 2 amazing albums to their credit - The Ballad of Billy Saigon and Red Roads Songs - these song makers dig deep into our collective consciousness and zero in on the primary elements and reason for our existence.  If you, like the rest of the world, have stepped on your spiritual path, Red Road Songs is a must for your music library.  This is the kind of stuff sweet dreams are made of and this couple has certainly walked a mile in your moccasins, as evidenced by their lyrical compositions and startling revelations through music. Our Golden Wave Award named RED ROAD SONGS -  BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2009  


Talk about a breath of fresh air - New Zealand recording artist DREW BOWDEN 3 - delivers the goods with a high-octane album called - Be Still  - which reminds all of us that we are creatures who are worthy of Love, in masterpieces such as PEACEFUL NOW.  Bowden blends supersonic catchy guitar rhythms with elevated metaphysical thought waves to enhance the experience we are all looking for - to be at peace, and to do it now.  Music for those on their path, and leading a way to a much brighter day.  Check this artist out, and enjoy the ride.

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It just doesn't get any sweeter than this for New York Blueswoman - Sweet Suzi - who has entered into a contract with Belgium record label Music Avenue  for global distribution of her latest CD - Unbroken.  The CD release schedule includes Continental Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. A followup disc is already in the works, so look out now!  This gutsy singer is a force to be reckoned with as she unleashes her talent on an unsuspecting audience, with a Janis Joplin-like  groove and range. In 2012 Sweet Suzi changed the name of her band to the SuggaFix.  You grow girl!

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This rising star in Nashville, TN pulled together with some musical buds, including drummer Steve Hall,  to raise nearly $22,000 in a Benefit Concert for Crystal Fitts, who was in dire straits and needed a miracle to help her pay for her medical bills and treatment for a cancer-related illness.  In 12 hours, Dakota and friends pulled off this miracle, and gave it all they had. Dakota said: "No need to thank me - I want to thank you and all the folks who came out, and Crystal, for helping make this event one of the most uplifting, beautiful, and transcendent experiences of my life."  Proof positive that healing through music is the name of that tune.

General Manager and owner of Indie 104 - iRADIO LA.  For more than a decade, Maverick has devoted his heart and soul to building his station, which has featured nearly 40,000 unsigned artists from around the world.  iRADIO LA makes radio history as the first to win the Best Internet Station of the Year 2006, through the New Music Awards in Hollywood, CA.  The station also received this award, based on a popular vote, in 2007 and broke the mold with their win as Best Internet Station 2008.  Top that!

Reverend Zen - Jack Evans, lead vocalist and songwriter.  This artist has won enough awards to fill a chapter in Who's Who, including ASCAP PLUS AWARD WINNER 2007 through 2012.  Named BEST NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2008 at the L.A. MUSIC AWARDS, and BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2008 through the Golden Wave Award.  Reverend Zen's Album is Angels Blues and The Crying Moon

John's award could also be named the Johnny-On-The-Spot Award.  Waters is the Program Director at 1400 AM KFTM, Ft. Morgan, Colorado, and was the first PD to pick up the WAVES for syndication on his station.  Talk about taking a chance, and being right on the money.  Without him, we would have never syndicated our shows, and so let's all start singing:  Here he comes to save the day!  As a result of his vision and willingness to 'Test the Waters' we're all light years ahead with our ability to hit big audiences with the amazing music of unsigned bands.  KFTM celebrating 63 years of community service in May 2012.  Also the recipient of numerous awards through the Colorado Broadcasters Association.  Check that and tune in online anytime!

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The Spears family is a hold-out to keep local radio local.  Operating in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, KWUF Radio runs 1400 AM and 106.3 FM.  Will draws on a great source of live talent to produce killer radio shows, and provides tons of support for community concerns.  As the 2nd station in the nation to pick up the WAVES through syndication, it needs to be mentioned that Will and his family of friends were already all over the map with music by unsigned bands and he hasn't slowed down yet.  Streaming all over the world, or live and local.  Check it out.

Talk about 'lady sings the blues!'  Erica and da boyz rightfully sit on the throne as Best Blues Band  in the Rocky Mountain region several years running.  Always available for causes and fundraisers, this band gives it all they've got, and long may they reign.  Latest album is Rough Cut Stone