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Please read the info on this page before you contact us with questions.


When you buy a lifetime Band Directory Ad for only $100.00, there's no charge to send us your music - up to 15 songs, and there's never a renewal fee. The Band Directories help your audience find you faster, sell your music, get gigs, and build your fan base.  Click our Band Directory button and scope it out!  Includes a graphic of your album cover under the New Release Banner on the Directory page with a link to one site  for 3 months.

With a $20.00 Full Album submission purchase, we will include a graphic of your CD Cover with a link to one site for 3 months for an additional $15.00.  Check it out and see if this works for you!  New Releases


The Colorado Wave and Indie Music Wave are released to 100+ cross-broadcasting platforms, with a general audience of 300,000 new music lovers tuning in each week. We also have over 200,000 subscribers to our Colorado Wave Podcast.

Our Website is ranked #999,987 in the world, and #149,067 in the US. Visitors view an average of 24.0 unique pages per day, spend about 23 minutes per visit to the site and 77 seconds per page view. Wrapping up our web stats for 2012 we had 76,971 visitors, 482,779 page views, and 1,054,318 hits.

We offer sensational packages for advertising on our Website and Radio Shows.  Contact us for information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We get a lot of email from our fans and listeners who are looking for your music, and we try to get you in touch with each other.  We really don't want to sell your music, but hope that our efforts will help you sell your music. 

The most critical thing you can do as an Indie Artist or Band is to get as much exposure as possible. Here's why a Custom Built Directory Ad on the Wavez Website is a great investment - and it lasts forever with no renewal fee ... We promote the Band Directory in each and every show to drive people to the website, plaster social networking sites with information about the shows and a ton of ways to tune in. Not to mention we release our programs to nearly 100 platforms each week ...

As a Charter Member in our Band Directory you can post a photo, your name and hometown, genres of music, a cool description of yourself, and links to sites where your music is available for purchase or sampling. We'll include video links, email contact or phone - whatever you want to advertise!  We'll even do the work for you, post your information and update your profile upon request.  And you can send us up to 12 songs with the Band Directory Ad. Turn around time for your listing will usually take 2-3 business days. 

It's only $100.00 for a lifetime ad, so
sign up now. On this page you can create a user name and password, login, hit the pay now button, and follow the yellow brick road!

Other options are listed below for music submissions! If you need additional help or information, please send an email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. Please don't send us mp3's as an email attachment. The songs get bumped, and never make it to us. If you send us an email and try to load it up with attachments, those get bumped.  We also won't follow any links on an email for obvious reasons. It doesn't mean we don't love and support your efforts as musicians!

2. In order to submit music you must set up a user name and password.  Ditto on the Band Directories. Then you Login, select your payment plan, and the rest is a walk in the park.    Set up your account on this page.

3. One reason we charge a small fee to upload music is because there are millions and millions of indie artists out there, and only one of us. Could you imagine what would happen if we encouraged you to send us your music online for free? Unfortunately, we'd be severely used and abused and that would take all the fun out of what we do for you. This is not a 'pay for play' scenario. We don't charge musicians to be on our shows - this is simply a service fee for submissions, encoding, editing, bandwidth, and all the time it takes us to get your music on the shows.

It actually costs you more time and money when you factor in all the costs of mailing a disc to us.  So, would you rather support the Post Office - or support us a little and help us offset the costs associated with airing your music to a really big audience?  You decide...

4. Other than that, we're good to go, and all your questions are answered here.  Please read on.  Thanks!

We play music by unsigned bands and work like mad dogs to get your music out to a very big and appreciative audience.  In fact, we're just as serious about your music as you are and generate happiness all over the world, with one great note and one great wave after another.

We spend a lot of time promoting our shows and that includes you as the artist.  Most of our affiliates run our custom radio promos for the programs all week long; we post tons of bulletins on all kinds of social networks every week.  We have over 100 broadcasting platforms that release our shows all over the planet, and we promote our free music downloads and Band Directory in every show.  A lot of artists have provided links to our site and get on the horn and tell their fans and friends about the WAVEZ, which benefits all of us.  Truth is, we have the biggest mouth in town when it comes to promoting and presenting the best new music in the world by unsigned bands.  We're all in this together.

We play music in all styles, but are partial to Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic, Worldbeat, Alternative Rock, Reggae, Country Rock, and Instrumentals.  Let's not forget we also like to play Cover Songs and Holiday Music for special shows.  We are also keen on lyrical content that is positive and makes people happy.

1 Song   for   $  5.00   USD
  5 Songs for  $ 10.00  USD
15 Songs for  $ 20.00  USD

You don't need a Band Directory Ad in order to submit music. 

Each song needs to be formatted as an mp3 at 128 kbps 44100 Hz, Stereo (11.0:1)

This is a sample of how each song should be listed, and is industry standard for sending mp3's to any station or producer:  
Band Name - Title Of Song.mp3

All material submitted needs to be Radio Edit meaning FCC friendly, and none of those funny words George Carlin warned us about.  In other words, keep it clean!  Or at least warn us if there are 4 letter words in your songs that are not L-O-V-E and that the FCC frowns upon.  If we can edit these songs without too much trouble, or making it sound bad, we'll do that.  Just let us know.  We're all for freedom of expression, but we're not in the mood to fight City Hall.
Here's the Terms for Music Submissions.

Have a cool video you'd like to have featured on our homepage? Set up a user name and password, login and then you can  Send us the link here.

That old saying 'there's strength in numbers' is absolutely true.  We've devoted our lives to promoting indie music and if you would like to return the favor and help promote our shows, we'll all be the winners.  If you are a featured artist on the shows for the week, doesn't it just make sense to let your friends and fans know about it?  Being on the WAVEZ adds some serious muscle to your art, so make some noise about it in your e-blasts and on your website.

Truth is, when your music is featured on our shows, you've just had the biggest audience of your life, and you didn't have to go anywhere or do anything but sit back, relax and ride the wave.  How cool is that?  Here's the code you can use to link to our website with our groovy logo.  Just put your cursor over the pic above, right click, hit save and put it in a folder and paste on your website. Thanks for your support!